Welcome to U.Porto's Thematic Repository!

The Thematic Repository stores, preserves and provides informational resources produced by U.Porto in definite areas or for specific audiences. These resources are organized into Communities and Collections. The Communities match organic units of U.Porto - faculties of Architecture and Science and Fundação Instituto Arquitecto Marques da Silva, for instance - or are created according to other criteria, such as the thematic one – such as the digital libraries of Art and Nutrition – or the audience they address.

The Digital Archive is a community of the Thematic Repository and aggregates contents produced by organic units of U.Porto. Its main goal is to provide storage, preservation and access to relevant information on behalf of institutional memory.

The access to information registered in the Thematic Repository is mostly open access although there are some exceptions. The learning materials addressed to students with special needs, which are called by the generic title of ALFA collections, require logging on to the repository using the RCTSaai / U.PORTOaai (Authentication & Authorization Infrastructure).